Rachel Weingarten has been quoted widely on a variety of topics including beauty culture, beauty history, trends, marketing, philanthropy and communication. These are some fun places I’ve appeared lately.

Beauty is a great big part of Rachel’s life, and if you’re writing about anything from beauty history to future trends, she’d love to lend her insights and unique take on everything from beauty culture, history and trends to future predictions. The Washington Post calls Rachel Weingarten “A hotshot beauty consultant,” while ABC News referred to her as a “celebrity style maven.” Rachel has appeared as a guest on radio programs like NPR and morning TV shows including Good Morning America and the Today Show..

Rachel is an internationally recognized expert on business and style and the business of style. To elaborate, she’s quick with a quip or zinger of a quote to add some snap to your story or segment.

Contact Rachel at media [at] if you’d like to chat about marketing, personal branding, beauty/beauty history & culture & the cosmetic industry, personal or business style, the retail industry, trends, pop culture, modern business matters & manners. Or use the contact form below.

Rachel has written for, been written about or quoted in hundreds of top international media outlets and publications including: ABC News (refer to Rachel as a “Celebrity Style Maven”), Adweek, amNewYork (former columnist), AOL, the AP, BrandWeek, Bravo, Bust, CareerBuilder, Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune, CitySearch, CNBC, CNN, CNNMoney (Former TV host and series creator), Cosmopolitan, CommunityTable, DAME magazine, Entrepreneur, EOnline,, Fashion Week Daily, Financial Times, Fortune, Fortune Small Business (former contributor), Forbes, Forbes Life, Forbes Life Executive Woman, Four Seasons, Fox News, The Guardian, Galley Cat, Glamour, Good Morning America, The Guardian,,, Investors Business Daily (subject of a Leaders and Success column),,, Men’s Health, (Creator of MintStyle), MSN, MSNBC, Newsday, Newsweek, New York Daily News, 360, The New York Sun (co-created the style section), The New York Times (Sunday Magazine, Styles Section, Business Section), (columnist), Pregnancy,, Publishers Weekly, Religion News Wire, Scotland on Sunday (former columnist), The Boston Globe, TheDailyBeast, The Irish Times, The Daily Beast,The Scotsman, The Evening Standard, San Francisco Chronicle, Scripps Wire, Seattle Post, Self, USA Today , USA Weekend, U.S. News and World Report, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post (“hotshot beauty consultant”),, Woman’s Day, Yahoo Finance,, Zink and so many more…

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