Pick My Brain (PMB Consulting)

You have a great idea.

I have even better insights and a proven track record.

Let’s have a conversation.

While I love helping people, I’ve never been quite sure why people think it’s flattering to ask someone to do what they do for free. After all, it took a lot of years of hard work for me to make it look this effortless.

To save both of us an awkward moment, I’m excited to offer my best advice, strategy or a quick burst of information and inspiration and am available to chat with you on topics including marketing, brand strategy, content creation, book writing & marketing, emerging/waning trends, PR strategy, content strategy, promotions and more.

So we can both get a better idea of our respective work styles, I’ve set up something called Pick MY Brain (PMB) Consultations which mean that you can ask me for help, advice and strategy on any topic that you choose and I’ll give you my best insights and ideas.

PMB consulting starts at $150.00 for 30 minutes and is payable in advance via PayPal. Love my ideas and want to work together? I’ll deduct the $150.00 from your first invoice.

After all, I really want you to pick MY brain to help you with your next project and this is a great way for us to try each other on for size.

Want to set up a PMB consultation? Fill out the form below and let me know what’s on your mind: